City Surface Preparation

Maximum productivity of CLEARblast equipment provide customers with most advanced and effective vapor media blasting system on the market and restoration field available. Environmental safe cleaning method that quickly removes coatings without damaging subsurface and are revealed in pristine condition. With CLEARblast projects ranging from removing durable industrial coatings to clean fragile historic surfaces during renovations. CLEARblast is best for:

Masonry restoration:

  • removing paint from brick,stone buildings,
  • removing graffiti,
  • removing aged stains,
  • removing fire smoke damage,
  • facility maintenance,
  • gum and grease removal.


Metal restoration:

  • architectural gates,fances restoration,
  • fire escape restoration,
  • cars,trucks,boats restoration,
  • industrial items rust removal and more.

Wood restoration:

  • removing paint from wooden homes,
  • deck,
  • porches and furniture restoration.


 Reliable Multi surface restoration mobile Service. EPA-Environmental Protection Agency registered and certified.